The Certificate course on Resilient Leadership in an Anxious World introduces participants to the basics of the Resilient Leadership model, a uniquely powerful resource that equips leaders to understand the complex, hidden chemistry of organizations. Participants will learn how the ability to “think emotional systems” empowers leaders at any level of an organization to rise above the turbulence of today’s chaotic, anxious world and lead others with calm, clarity, and conviction.

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The Resilient Leadership in an Anxious World Certificate is a fresh, insightful, and innovative understanding of how to exercise leadership in a way that is powerfully transformative.

Sections and Sessions

Section 1: Introduction to Resilient Leadership

The “source code” of Resilient Leadership; VUCA World and Anxiety; Observing the Emotional System; Thinking Emotional Systems; Focus on Your Own Functioning

Section 2: Be a Step-down Transformer

Paradigm Shift; Observing Reactivity in Self, Others, Systems; Deep Roots of Reactivity; 2 Neural Pathways to the Amygdala; Contagious Nature of a Leader’s Presence; Being a Step-down Transformer

Section 3: Distant Enough-Close Enough

Pathway to Self-Differentiation; Signs of Rising Anxiety; Guiding Principles; Leadership Impact Statement; Dealing with Resistance (aka Sabotage); Reactive Herding (Groupthink); Barriers to Staying Connected; Togetherness vs. Individuality; Power of Balanced Presence

Section 4: Navigating Emotional Systems

Over/Under Functioning Behaviors; Anxiety Drivers; Balance the Seesaw; Triangles are Everywhere; Toxic vs. Healthy Triangles; Repositioning Yourself in Triangles; The Fallacy of Empathy; Comfort vs. Challenge; Boundaries for the Poorly Differentiated

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Takeaways and Skills

Intro to Resilient Leadership

  • Get On the Balcony
  • Focus On Your Own Functioning
  • Be a Step-Down Transformer

  • Six-Second Centering
  • Cultivate a Curious Mind-Set
  • Lead with Conviction

  • Communicate Where You Stand
  • Embody Your Length
  • Stay Connected

  • Be Separate yet
  • Stay Connected
  • E-Mail Mindfully
  • What You'll Earn

    • 2, equivalent to 20 contact hours
    • A Continuing Education Units (CEUs) is a nationally recognized unit of measurement for participation in non-credit continuing education programs.

    Digital Certificate and Badge

    Issued by USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education through Credly.

    Resilient Leadership in Brief

    Resilient Leadership offers a fresh, insightful, and innovative understanding of how to exercise leadership in a way that is powerfully transformative.

    How Resilient Are You?

    Grounded in the scientific understanding of group functioning, the Resilient Leadership model helps leaders understand how the “emotional system” of their organization — the unconscious, instinctual aspects of human functioning – often dictates, to a great extent, how the organization functions on the rational level. By learning to understand and recognize the emotional system at play within a leader’s environment, s/he is able to calm office anxiety, clear confusion, and spur a productive, engaged workforce.

    Resilient Leadership: Navigating The Hidden Chemistry of Organizations

    Resilient Leadership 2.0: Leading with Calm, Clarity, and Conviction in Anxious Times

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