Can transforming to customer centricity give your organization a strategic competitive edge and differentiate your brand? It certainly can! This program begins by exploring the differences between customer and product centricity and how customer-centric organizations create long- term value for their customers and the organization. You’ll gain keen insights into the holistic characteristics of a customer-centric culture, including its benefits, challenges, and core values.

Following these principles, you’ll examine how customer-centric leaders cultivate organizational- wide commitment for engaging with each customer to understand and meet their expectations. We’ll cover the essentials for measuring and integrating customer feedback to enhance the customer experience while improving your return on investment.

By conclusion, you’ll have attained a customer centricity framework for implementing an end-to- end strategy for acquiring and retaining the right customer by consistently delivering positive experiences, increased brand loyalty, and significant improvement in overall business performance.

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The Customer Centricity Certification program provides participants with a solid core of integrated concepts for creating a culture that values customer and stakeholder relationships for sustained organizational excellence.


Module 1

Introduction: The Customer Centricity Model

In this module, you’ll be introduced to the customer centricity business model and concepts for focusing on what customers need and how they want to interact with your organization. This is a high-level overview of customer centricity that explores a balanced comparison between product centricity and the customer-centric perspective and the importance of being customer centered as a business strategy.

Module 1

Focus Areas:
  • Defining customer centricity
  • Balanced comparison between product centricity and customer centricity
  • Is your organization customer-centric?
  • The business case for customer centricity
  • Paradigm shift – transforming the entire operating model around the customer
  • A greater understanding of customer centricity
  • An appreciation of the benefits to customer centricity
  • Insights into the customer-centric perspective as a strategic competitive advantage

Module 2

Customer Management: Understanding Customers and Their Expectations

This module addresses the key activities involved in managing your customers for greater customer experiences. We’ll explore different customer management strategies and tools for supporting consistently positive customer experiences and interactions across all customer touch-points and functional areas in your organization.

Module 2

Focus Areas:
  • Know your customer
  • Understand customer wants and needs
  • Identify customer segments
  • Gain insights through customer feedback
  • Learn how to meet customer expectations
  • Understand the value of CRM toward establishing a customer-centric culture
  • Articulate CRM goals and identify key milestones in relationship management
  • Gain a better understanding of customer segmentation
  • Identify the best CRM for enhancing customer experience

Module 3

Customer Management: Understanding Customers and Their Expectations

This module is a continuation of Module 2 and addresses the key activities involved in managing your customers for greater customer experiences. We’ll explore different customer management strategies and tools for supporting consistently positive customer experiences and interactions across all customer touch-points and functional areas in your organization.

Module 3

Focus Areas:
  • VoC Methodologies
  • Prerequisites for starting a VoC Program
  • VoC Scope
  • VoC Technology
  • VoC Process

  • Outcomes:
    • Understand the role of VoC in a customer-centric culture
    • Identify VoC techniques and their implementation
    • Learn how to mine and use customer feedback for improving customer experience
    • Determine your customer’s wants and needs and how they impact innovation
    • Recognize the processes/steps required for creating a VoC program

    Module 4

    Customer Centricity Leadership and Strategic Direction

    Committed leadership and direction is required for a customer centricity transformation. In this module, you’ll learn the leadership and commitment requirements for establishing a customer-centric culture. Find out how leaders set organizational strategy, vision, values, and mission to operate within customer centricity.

    Module 4

    Focus Areas:
  • Customer-centric leadership traits
  • Establishing buy-in and commitment – financial and other resources
  • Customer representation in the boardroom
  • Business strategy, vision, mission, and core values

  • Outcomes:
    • Learn the customer centricity leadership drivers for promoting a customer-centric culture
    • Understand how organizational strategic direction is aligned with customer centricity
    • Identify how customer centricity is built into business planning

    Module 5

    People and Customer Culture Activation/Inversion

    A successful shift to a customer-centric culture requires complete organizational buy-in, clear messaging, built-in accountability, strong and consistent leadership, and a collaborative workforce. In this session, you’ll learn the philosophy behind how leadership cultivates an organizational-wide customer-centric culture.

    Module 5

    Focus Areas:
    • Defining customer culture and exploring its benefits
    • Customer centricity values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes
    • HR Vital Role: employee acquisition, retention, and engagement
    • The interconnectedness between customer experience and employee experience
    • Communication, engagement strategies, and ownership

    • Develop customer-focused values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes for your organization
    • Establish employee experience strategies for advancing customer culture
    • Acquire building blocks for a customer-centric culture
    • Develop a customer-focused mindset for continuous improvement

    Module 6

    Customer Centricity Performance Measurements

    What gets measured, gets managed. In a customer centricity business model, measurement should consist of both financial and non-financial metrics. In addition to tracking metrics such as revenue by product or channel, organizations must also capture and measure customer behavior, customer lifetime value, and loyalty. In this session, you’ll learn more about the non-financial metrics that hold so much intrinsic value for driving customer experience and organizational success as a result.

    Module 6

    Focus Areas:
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • The Net Promote Score
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Employee Engagement

  • Outcomes:
    • Learn the benefits of measuring both financial and non-financial metrics
    • Understand how customer satisfaction is a fundamental measurement of customer experience
    • Methods used to measure customer loyalty using the Net Promoter Score
    • Learn how to calculate Customer Lifetime Value

    Module 7

    Customer Centric Product Innovation

    Customer centricity also places the customer right in the middle of the innovation process. In the session, find out how customer-centric organizations differentiate themselves and maximize profits through product innovations that meet and resolve the wants and needs of their customers. Discover proven strategies and processes for using customer feedback to drive product innovation for creating better products for your customer base.

    Module 7

    Focus Areas:
  • Define customer-centric product innovation
  • The importance of customer-centric product innovation
  • How product innovation advances the customer centric culture
  • Creating better products and services for your customers
  • The essentials for creating customer-centric innovation

  • Outcomes:
    • An appreciation of customer-centric product innovation as a differentiator
    • Understand the essentials for customer-centric product innovation
    • Learn how to use customer feedback for driving the processes and approaches that spark customer-centric product innovation
    • Identify the keys to sustainable customer-centric product innovation

    Module 8

    Transforming Customer Experience

    Customer-centric organizations enjoy the benefit of delivering more consistent customer experiences than product-centric organizations. This module will help you initiate, improve, and optimize an effective customer experience program. We’ll explore concepts for customer experience that reinforce the customer-centric culture for creating success in your organization.

    Module 7

    Focus Areas:
  • Introduction to customer experience
  • Customer experience vs. customer service
  • Key elements of building customer experience
  • Voice of customer (VoC)
  • Voice of employee
  • Key customer experience metrics
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Moments of Truth (MoT)
  • Omni-Channel
  • Employee experience

  • Outcomes:
    • Gain knowledge to build and design a program that maximizes customer experience
    • Master strategies for increasing customer value at each stage of the customer journey
    • Leverage the relationship between customer experience and employee experience

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    Increased expertise in your customer management knowledge, skills, and abilities
    An opportunity to stand apart from colleagues and competitors
    Position yourself for career advancement and increased earning power
    Become an influencer and change agent for driving customer centricity transformation
    Preparation for helping to establish a customer-centric culture in your organization
    Contribute to your organization’s business strategy and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    A sense of pride by anticipating the needs of the customer, minimizing customer effort, and maximizing customer value

    What’s in it for your organization?

    • Enhanced customer loyalty through a differentiated customer experience
    • Increased customer value by maintaining long-term business relationships
    • Increased market share and profit
    • Ability to adapt to changing customer needs
    • Develop new ways to sell or promote your services
    • Identify opportunities for growth and branding
    • Build a productive and more rewarding organizational culture
    • Increased customer satisfaction and positive experiences
    • Improved customer retention and referrals

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