We know…that statement alone sounds a bit unprofessional and maybe even uncomfortable. However, if you want to be culturally conscious in this ever-changing world, you MUST be willing to do 3 things: learn, unlearn, and relearn!

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That’s right! We are now offering you the chance to be rewarded and awarded for your ability to lead strong and strategically in such a diverse world.

We know that it can be difficult to understand how to foster relationships in cross-cultural environments. For so long, we have been taught to ignore our differences vs. appreciate and unify them. And our goal in this 7-Module Course is to do just that: connect you to other experiences that teach you how to value and honor the differences of others.

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The Workplace and Personal Wellness Foundations Certificate offers the latest innovations in regards to physical and mental wellness as we all as the connection with emotional wellbeing.

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“Cross - Cultural Leadership Certificate.”

Yes, you can change your workplace and your business with the knowledge and skills you gain through this 7-Module program

Module 1: The Culturally Curious Leader: Who are they and Why are they valuable?

This introductory module sets the foundation for identifying the necessity of a Culturally Curious Leader and how to identify them.

Module 2: The Pillars of Cultural Immersion

This module calls for a trip down memory lane, as you discover how you connect with the world and what role one’s culture may play in it.

Section 3: Internalizing Curiosity: Digging Deep Within

This module opens the door to global levels, but it starts with self-reflection.

Module 4: Finding Connection: The Ultimate Charge

This module explores how to connect with culturally diverse populations and go beyond mere co-existence, but co-creation.

Module 5: The Appreciation Appraisal

This module explores an appreciation for local roots while embracing global perspective.

Module 6: Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

This module divulges the development of international alliances that grow effective co-creation.

Module 7: Where do we Go from Here?

This is the synopsis of all that has been discovered and how we can move forward with success - in the workplace and beyond.

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Meet the Creators of the Program

Dr. Doreen MacAulay

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Ingrid Harb

Global Inclusion and Belonging Leader, Founder and CEO of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion speakers bureau and consulting firm NOTA Inclusion, as well as the founder of a global community of change-makers, Women Ambassadors Forum.

Monica Jaramillo

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While you are obtaining this certificate, you will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the most culturally diverse and innovative persons.

There is a Need to Unlearn and Relearn

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