How to Inspire Passion Through Leadership

How to Inspire Passion Through Leadership

Leadership can be simplified into a set of finite, intangible values that produce tangible, sustainable results.
The first value is courage. Just as a car cannot move without an engine, we as leaders, cannot move through our journey without courage. Courage is the engine that drives all of our actions. As a leader, courage is the ability to take the necessary action within oneself to impact the most favourable change in one’s environment (business or personal).

The second value is agility. Just as a car cannot manoeuvre the road without being able to steer, we as leaders, cannot manoeuvre through our journey without agility. Agility is the steering that allows us to navigate accurately. When we as leaders can be agile enough to respond to real-life stimuli, objectively, and still maintain our focus on the greater goal, we exponentially increase the probability of achieving that goal, regardless of what it is.

The third and final value is resilience. Just as a car cannot reach its destination if it can’t last the duration of the trip, we as leaders, cannot reach the destination of our journey without resilience. Resilience is the toughness to weather difficult environments while remaining acutely focused on the desired result long enough to achieve it. Often times the difference between those that succeed, (however you define success) and those that fail is that those that succeed just held out a little longer. They were so acutely focused on achieving their desired result that there was a blunt refusal to compromise their efforts.

Leadership is a journey where the destination is best defined by the traveller. So regardless of where you’re headed, if you practice the values of courage, agility and resilience not only will you reach your destination, but you will inspire the passion in others to do the same.

How can you help leaders achieve this?

I help leaders achieve this by showing them how to lead themselves in a more effective way. All leaders can achieve the keys to sustainable leadership if they are willing to take the journey inward, deep within themselves. During the process, my expertise is highlighted by serving as a guide through the introspective journey of self-discovery. I use experiences that already exist in their lives as data points of the foundational framework for how they can lead themselves in a more effective way. Once they understand how to do this consistently, they can add more value to their lives and to all people they encounter.

Why is it beneficial for leaders to work with a coach?

There is a saying that goes “you don’t know what you don’t know”. As humans, we all have blind spots that limit us in one way or another. The reason why it is beneficial to work with a coach is because they help to remove the limitations and blockers that hold us back from being the best versions of ourselves and living the most fulfilling lives we can. Coaches accomplish this in the following four ways:

Awareness – They create awareness around your blind spots.
Investigation – They help you investigate whether you want to improve some of the opportunities that were found in your blind spots.
Motivation – They motivate you to develop an action plan on how to achieve that improvement.
Partnership – They partner with you on implementing a system of accountability that is long term and self-sustaining.
What are the key benefits they expect after working with you?

My clients experience a myriad of benefits after working with me despite whether the client is an individual or a corporation. Those benefits include but are not limited to the following:

Financial Gain – On average, my individual clients experience a 40% – 50% increase in their salary within the 1st 6-9 months of our partnership. My corporate clients report a 20% – 25% increase in bottom-line revenue due to the investment made into their employees of over the same time frame.

Increased Engagement, Efficiency & Productivity – My corporate clients experience a 25% – 30% increase in efficiency and productivity within the first six months of our partnership. They also report a 15% – 20% increase in employee engagement and satisfaction which has led to decreased attrition and greater overall cost savings.

More Heightened Awareness – All clients report more heightened awareness around how they can lead themselves and their businesses more effectively. Since I believe that one of the signs of great leadership is not how well something can work while you are there, but rather how well something can work without you; all clients are left with an actionable framework to repeat the success we’ve achieved together far after our partnership has ended.

Renewed Sense of Purpose & Fulfillment – After working with me, all clients report a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment for themselves and their businesses. The best part is that over time, this permeates throughout all aspects of their lives.

Tell us a little bit about your coaching methods.

I believe that everything we need to reach the desired destination of our leadership journey perpetually exists within us or has already been provided through the experiences of one another. As a result, my coaching methods are centred around creating awareness and perspective, managing energy and emotion, removing success blockers and implementing a sustainable system of accountability. This is accomplished through conducting a series of assessments, exercises and coaching sessions that help create alignment within oneself that cause tangible, positive change in all aspects of their lives.

What are your top tips for being a successful leader?

You can be a successful leader if you strive to L.E.A.D. your talent instead of managing them. Often times the terms management and leadership are interchangeably used incorrectly. We should lead people and manage processes, not vice versa. People were never meant to be managed. We are not machines. We have thoughts and emotions that must be considered before our talents can be optimized. The ability to connect with your employees on a human level will determine your effectiveness as a leader. Here are 4 tips on how to L.E.A.D. your people in a way that is mutually beneficially for them and the organization.