Women’s Voice, Agency & Leadership

Women’s Voice, Agency & Leadership

Women and girls must have the freedom and space to exercise their voice, agency and leadership. UN Women helps to provide this by protecting women’s right to freedom of expression, ensuring that women are at the table when key decisions are being made, and supporting civil society and women’s organizations to lead in this area.

Promoting women’s leadership
UN Women advances women’s leadership and influence, including by supporting inclusive and violence-free political processes, empowering women political leaders and candidates and monitoring women’s representation in public life. We also help to ensure that women are included in decision-making processes around key issues like peace and security, humanitarian action and COVID-19 response and recovery to facilitate power sharing and adequate solutions.

Enhancing women’s voice
UN Women supports women’s organizations to ensure their involvement in governing processes, including the drafting, implementation and monitoring of laws, action plans and humanitarian response plans. We bring together different actors to hold dialogues, consultations and other forums for women to build their networks; share their expertise, needs and priorities; and influence policy agendas.

Supporting civil society
UN Women provides funding and technical assistance to support civil society, especially diverse women’s organizations that promote the human rights of all women and girls. These organisations are crucial in mobilising communities to empower women and girls to exercise their voice, agency and leadership, and to advocate for their rights at local, national and international levels.

Article link -https://www.unwomen.org/en/un-women-strategic-plan-2022-2025/voice-agency-and-leadership